Tips for International Travel

Tips for International Travel

So you are thinking about travelling abroad for you next vacation but you don’t know where to start? Welcome to the hectic world of international travel, however, it doesn’t have to be so hectic. In fact, International travel can be quite a breeze once you get your feet wet and follow a few basic protocols. It’s actually quite an elite crowd to be in as only five percent of Americans travel abroad, so it’s understandable why it may seem so daunting at first sight.


You are going to want to obtain a passport first. This process takes only a short time to complete and about four weeks to receive your passport. You can shorten this process significantly by using a specialized Passport service who can expedite this process. We highly recommend  for all your passport or visa needs. Fast Passports & Visas use the most reliable professionals to assist in this time sensitive task. With a firm commitment to performance, service and integrity, Fast Passports & Visas specializes in delivering your passport or visa to you in the timely fashion that your travel demands; it is the reason why they come with such high praise from us. Be very careful with your passport as it cannot be duplicated, however you can get extra copies of your passport photo and keep them with your passport in case you need them for additional visas or border checks.

Travel VISAS

This could actually have dual meanings as we always recommend bringing a few credit cards strictly for emergencies. However here, we are talking about travel visas. Most international destinations won’t require a visa to enter the country, but the oddballs that do can make it quite difficult. This is why you want to do this with plenty of lead time. It is really just a matter of gathering your documents sending them in and forking over the fee. Of course, this again is where our friends at Fast Passports & Visas come in handy. They will streamline and manage the entire process for you with minimal effort on your behalf.


Once you get all boring documentation and legalities out of the way, then you get to the fun part. Choosing a destination or multiple destinations, if you’re going to splurge is the most enjoyable part of travel planning. It can go a lot more like you imagine it if you follow some basic pointers from veteran travelers.

  • Since driving laws and road rules vary greatly in different countries, try to avoid staying somewhere you have to rent a car. Not only can get it incredibly expensive, but also dangerous if you don’t even know which side of the road to drive on.
  • Make sure you have some metropolitan stops along the way, even if you are doing an outdoorsy or nature trip. This way you can fully experience the local cuisine, culture, language and the society.
  • Eat up! Pick a destination with good food that is not too “adventurous.” You don’t want to end up noshing on pickled horse brains and scotch eggs your entire trip, so do your research and remember Google is your friend.
  • Learn the tourist seasons for the locales you are considering and AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE. Travelling just out of season nets you the same attractions without the higher prices and crowds.



That is all for now but come back to our blog for the continuation of this series as we prepare you to plunge into international travel.

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