Why You Should Travel to China? Culture.

Why You Should Travel to China? Culture.

Many people who travel to China seek to dig deeper into the history of the country. Not just the old buildings but the stories behind them. They come to try and imagine living in the past they walk through while looking at modern progression that has transformed the country. When you travel to China you can also travel in time if you know the history of some of China’s famed historic sited. We hope to expand your geographical horizons and give you a detailed history of some of the most historical sites you should see when you travel to China

China’s history is filled with famous poets and artists. One of the most renowned poets in Chinese history is Du Fu, who lived from 712- 770AD in the Tang Dynasty. Fu traveled through eastern China and his birthplace, Henan but soon settled in the capital of Tang, Chengdu (now known as Xi’an.) He took on the task of a civil servant at the request of the Tang emperor who was distracted by clashing with enemy forces, namely An Lushan, a general who was a rebel leader against the Tang Dynasty; and Du Fu’s new appointment never came to fruition.

An Lushan’s rebellion lasted for eight long years and shortly thereafter Du Fu ventured out towads Chengdu to seek sanctuary where he could focus on his writing. It was during this writing sanctuary that Du Fu created some of his most prolific work inspired by the events that hat unfolded around him. Du Fu had seen so much war, and uprising that his poetry earned him quite the global respect as one of China’s most prolific and influential poets. Du Fu mainly wrote in deep complex ideals and about  the beauty in simple things.

Today a replica of Du Fu’s cottage where he resided is now a mix of both shrine and museum and also serves as the home base for the Chengdu chapter of the Du Fu Society, a fellowship of Chendgu poets who meet there regularly. The cottage is not the main draw of the park but it is no less prolific and fascinating. The rest of the area is filled with stone walking trails that meander through classic Chinese style landscapes and bamboo gardens. The trails come to an end in a clearing that has benches for vistors to reflect or if on luck’s good side, see beautiful flowers in full bloom.

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