Top 5 China Travel Tips

Top 5 China Travel Tips

China is a popular international travel destination due to its ancient history and mysterious culture and cuisine.  As with visiting any foreign country it is important to know some of the local culture, customs and possible risks involved with touring there. We offer just a few of our own China travel tips from experience and from the reports of other seasoned world travelers who have visited this sprawling mysterious land. Have a look; it might just save you a headache or two. Keep coming back as we will post more tips in the future!


“Refund Policy? We don’t need no stinking Refund Policy!”  Yes, that is pretty much the attitude in China on retail purchases. Make sure to inspect what you are buying before you pay, even if you get it, and it is broken or defective, it’s a different world here, and you won’t likely get a replacement or refund. Take your buyer’s remorse and go home lesson learned.

China is a very saturated marketplace, so competition is tough and bargains can be had on electronics. Keep in mind, though, that this isn’t your big box stores from home with Geek Squad reps on every aisle to help you. You better know what you are looking for, or you might wind up with a dud of a deal.

In China, the art of the deal is usually a ridiculous initial asking price till they haggle you down to what they expect you to pay. Don’t be that sucker that buys that item at a 500% markup. Know what stuff is worth before heading to the markets as foreigners are easy targets.


If you want to see all China has to offer and catch the best sights. A tour group is your best bet to see some amazing things and also get a bit of an education as well. While you may see more on your own, you also risk the dangers and inconveniences that come with being a foreigner in a country you are unfamiliar with. Most tours in China feature English speaking guides and are structured and organized. But beware; skip the trinket shops the tours conveniently take you through, it’s usually a bunch of useless junk.


This is probably one of the most important China travel tips to remember as it goes a long way. It is considered good manners when foreigners attempt to adapt to the Chinese culture and speak or learn Mandarin. Even if it is something as simple as hello or goodbye, it goes a long way with the locals including workers, and merchants. It could work to your advantage as well, so bone up on your Mandarin before leaving for China.


If you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine, skip the restaurants full of tourists. These are likely nothing more than a glorified Panda Express with fancy accouterments designed to entice tourists. These places modify authentic recipes to appeal to what they feel westerners eat. Many makeup recipes never even found in real Chinese cuisine.   Typically restaurants with a family style setting and many Chinese families dining and somewhat upscale décor, these will be your best bets for authentic cuisine.


Get your passports and visas in order and ready way before your trip. You don’t need anything snagging your travel plans to a destination that is so far off and is also very closed off to the western world. If your passports and visas don’t line up, you could find yourself in a world of trouble. Play it safe and contact Fast Passports and Visas for yours and keep checking back for more China travel tips

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